Use Treasury in a Sentence, How to use “Treasury” in a sentence


Use Treasury in a sentence. How to use the word Treasury in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Treasury. Sentence for Treasury.

Use Treasury in a Sentence - How to use "Treasury" in a sentence

Examples of Treasury in a sentence

  1. Guthrie was President Franklin Pierce’s secretary of the treasury (1853-1857).
  2. The need was urgent, but the treasury was empty, and the people poverty-stricken.
  3. Still, however, Lucy always kept her, with her other playthings, in her treasury.
  4. The place which Lucy called her treasury was a part of a closet or wardrobe, in a back entry, very near Miss Anne’s room.
  5. Thus he replenished his treasury by an exploit which was considered in those days very great and glorious.
  6. “I give you,” said the king, “five thousand pounds from my treasury.”
  7. Why, you do not keep your treasury in order.
  8. Her treasury was not kept in very good order.
  9. Then I would not have so many things; at least I would not keep them all in my treasury.
  10. The treasury of Cyrus was not perhaps exhausted, but no doubt it was seriously diminished by the campaigns of Cambyses, the Magian, the rising of Vahyazdata, and the suppression of the rebellions.
  11. Then Anne proposed to Lucy that she should finish the work of re-arranging her treasury.
  12. I should, myself, if I were in your case; and only keep such things in my treasury as are neat, and whole, and in good order.
  13. Lucy went immediately to the treasury, and took old Margaret out, and everything that belonged to her.
  14. O, Miss Anne, I could find it very easily; I am going to keep it in my treasury.
  15. I will put them in my treasury, and keep them very safe.
  16. I should have a great cabinet of playthings and curiosities, twice as big as your treasury.
  17. She was afraid it would not be quite safe in her treasury.
  18. So he broke up his plate, both gold and silver, and caused it to be coined, in order to assist in filling his treasury.

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