Use The in a Sentence & How to use “The” in a sentence


Use The in a sentence. How to use the word The in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word The. Sentence for The.

Use The in a Sentence - How to use "The" in a sentence


Examples of The in a sentence

  1. The interest accumulated over the months.
  2. The accumulated interest in our account.
  3. The company had accumulated debts of more than 1000 yuan.
  4. And since the accumulated credit for him, remained silent.
  5. Their behaviors desecrated the holy place.
  6. He was court poet to the Bengali king Lakshmana Sena.
  7. His attempt to escape across the Thames was foiled by a boatman who betrayed him for the sum of £20.
  8. His arrogant behavior on the court completely excited his opponent.
  9. Their behaviors have disenchanted the whole family.
  10. Modeling Sometimes the behaviors to be learned are too complicated for the child to reach once.
  11. The result of these behaviors in a captive colony is the formation of groups of a single male similar to those found in nature.
  12. Compliance and complacency are the overt behaviors associated with a culture of child dependency.
  13. Twice you can observe two different behaviors, either by the participant himself or by an external observer.
  14. The definitions of agency abuse and what behaviors constitute abuse must maintain the balance of responsibility between the abuser and the abuser.
  15. Have the child practice positive behaviors that are physically incompatible with inappropriate behavior.
  16. Through the integration of learning the role of women with self-definition, cleaning behaviors tend to develop as personality functions.
  17. The child is warned in advance about those behaviors that are considered inappropriate and the consequences that will result from them.
  18. The alternative to the hopeless choice between continuous disorders of the mood or the continuous use of addictive substances or behaviors.
  19. This is the reason why people find it difficult to experiment with their own behavior and practice using behaviors that are unfamiliar to them.
  20. A lot of memos circulate in organizations simply to justify our behaviors in the event of a collapse.
  21. My only reservation with its classification of roles is that it reflects a Western concern for the behaviors of the tasks.
  22. Cell biology in a science that is responsible for studying the properties, functions, structures, components of cells, as well as the interaction they have with the environment and the life cycle.

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