Use Suffered in a Sentence, How to use “Suffered” in a sentence


Use Suffered in a sentence. How to use the word Suffered in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Suffered. Sentence for Suffered.

Use Suffered in a Sentence - How to use "Suffered" in a sentence

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Examples of Suffered in a sentence

  1. The first step was to administer a comprehensive survey to find out which students suffered from work inhibition.
  2. Here, however, as the stone admits, they suffered a severe defeat.
  3. Whatever losses Merodach Baladan suffered, in this way he retained Babylon and the throne.
  4. The 23-year-old suffered bruises and sprains and has since been discharged from the hospital.
  5. The German Army suffered heavy losses during the Normandy landings and the battles that followed.
  6. Long ago thou hast learnt all that befell thee, and what I have suffered at the hands of the king because I did not slay thee, but gave thee to the cowherd.
  7. Another fragment obviously comes after the defeat, which, according to Nicolaus, Astyages suffered in the final battle at Pasargadae.
  8. So far as we can ascertain the conditions of the states on the Ganges in the sixth century B.C. the population suffered under grievous oppression.
  9. Buddha is said to have suffered the most severe persecution, when past his seventieth year, from Devadatta, a near relation.
  10. Israel suffered still more than Judah by the carrying away of the population of the northern and eastern districts, the land of Nephtali, and the land of Gilead.
  11. I have suffered it to take place that the Assyrian destroyed the cities and made them heaps of ruins, and that their inhabitants were put to shame, of small power, as grass of the field.
  12. He told another that in a previous existence he had killed an anchorite, and for this he had already suffered punishment in hell for several thousand years; he would also lose his head in this life, and would suffer the same misfortune for four hundred successive existences.

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