Use Story in a Sentence – How to use “Story” in a sentence


Use Story in a sentence. How to use the word Story in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Story. Sentence for Story.

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Examples of Story in a sentence

  1. Mr. Ferguson said that the prisoner had invented the story to get a lighter sentence.
  2. The apocryphal story of Columbus and the egg is very interesting.
  3. The last decades of the twentieth century tell a story that would bitterly disappoint the first preachers.
  4. The line between story and fiction, between social satire and sentimental snapshots, was blurring.
  5. But this is only part of the story and it can be very deceiving.
  6. Still, Lelyveld tells the most compelling story of how a supremely well-intentioned man fought, through five decades of activism, with a series of evasiveness, compromises, setbacks and defeats.
  7. But his story is not so emblematic or convincing.
  8. I’ve been stunned all afternoon, waiting for the next part of your story.
  9. his story of being kidnapped by little green men was completely absurd.
  10. In the story, the protagonist Mathilde changes from self-deception to salvation, but ends with the absurd.
  11. If she had been using a yarmulke, it would have been a different story.
  12. The same consideration applies to the initial impetus for your story.
  13. The name means “the roarer,” but the origin of the story is obscure.
  14. This is what the Knight says when he cuts the story.
  15. Now she has illustrated a second story, equally funny, about the time when the maid Belinda captures the maid Belinda.


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