Use Still in a Sentence, How to use “Still” in a sentence


Use still in a sentence. Sentence for still. How to use the word still in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word still. How to use “still” with example sentences.

Use Still in a Sentence - How to use "Still" in a sentence


Examples of still in a sentence

  1. I found myself looking at the portrait, which was still resting on the cedar table.
  2. It is true that there were still many pockets of sadism where the whip and the birch were freely used.
  3. You can choose ribbon, still have between them counteract the tension that creates the white lily skin of the room completely.
  4. However, in the embryonic stage, the two are still indistinguishable externally.
  5. The monks murmured some unintelligible words, but they still hesitated.
  6. The labor market is still adjusted; other inflationary pressures have not yet decreased.
  7. Despite his love of distraction, Minton in his career still showed no loss of momentum.
  8. We may still have a few weeks left before the holidays come, but everyone is encouraged by the joy of Yuletide.
  9. Much of the wall is still standing.
  10. For what? If he had been a true gentleman, he would still be alive!
  11. In 1861 he amalgamated the administrations of the two provinces; this act established the modern Rumanian state, though it was still under nominal Turkish rule.
  12. However, the total number of records is still below the levels recorded in 1975.
  13. While there, he won the Theater Guild National Award with the play The Grass Still Grows (1936).
  14. Reyes recalled that in October of last year Corujo promised to leave the City Hall and that he still has not fulfilled that commitment.
  15. You wouldn’t think it from the broader culture, but 1 in 4 Americans still disapprove of any and all sex outside of marriage — even if the couple is in a committed relationship.
  16. A more experienced teacher would have predicted this result; but I had very high ideas of the power of cultivated conscience, and, in fact, still have.
  17. “This Socialist Government has put the municipality in a continuous traffic jam, with projects that have been committed and that are still there, on the table, like the urban park, for which we have been waiting for four years, but we still do not know anything; of the picnic area, which is still in the same situation, “he said.

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