Serious in a sentence


Use serious in a sentence. How to use the word serious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word serious. How to use “serious” with example sentences

Definition of serious

Examples of serious in a sentence

*** Deceiving the court in a trial is a serious offense.

*** If you are truly serious and prepare your child for the future, do not teach him to subtract, teach him to deduct.


*** At the time of the visit to Xerox, Apple had a functional prototype of a machine that reeked of serious intentions.

*** In the early 1900’s he wrote satirical comedies, such as The Earl of Pawtucket (1903), as well as serious dramas.

*** The first severe bleeding in hemophilia may be controlled, but subse-quent hemorrhage may prove more serious.

*** Frequently there is gangrene of a strangulated hemorrhoid, a correctable condition which sounds more serious than it is. fissures There are no serious complications in fissures other than the discomfort and the possibility of infection.

*** In sheep and cattle areas, dingoes may cause serious economic loss.

*** The Discourse, widely regarded as a defense of deism, provoked answers from a number of churchmen, including Dean Swift’s caricature and Richard Bentley’s serious and scholarly reply.

*** It was a serious mistake because it prevented recovering the natural space of the city of Arrecife.

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