Use Seat in a Sentence, How to use “Seat” in a sentence


Use Seat in a sentence. How to use the word Seat in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Seat. Sentence for Seat.

Use Seat in a Sentence - How to use "Seat" in a sentence

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Examples of Seat in a sentence

  1. Have a seat, please.
  2. Return to your seat.
  3. Donald remained seated.
  4. Where are our seats?
  5. Get in the back seat.
  6. He got us nice seats.
  7. I can’t fix the seat.
  8. Remain seated please.
  9. He kept a seat for me.
  10. He rose from his seat.
  11. Is this seat reserved?
  12. All seats are reserved.
  13. Fasten your seat belts.
  14. He was in the hot seat.
  15. Is that seat available?
  16. Is this seat available?
  17. He found me a good seat.
  18. He was seated all alone.
  19. I was in the front seat.
  20. Please have a seat, Donald.
  21. Take your seats, please.
  22. Which seats do you like?
  23. Everyone remained seated.
  24. I motioned her to a seat.
  25. I was ushered to my seat.
  26. She found me a good seat.
  27. Donald found me a good seat.
  28. Donald got up from his seat.
  29. Please take me to my seat.
  30. Two seats remained vacant.
  31. Why don’t you have a seat?
  32. All the seats are occupied.
  33. I exchanged seats with her.
  34. I’d like to change my seat.
  35. Please return to your seat.
  36. Please take your seat, sir.
  37. She showed him to his seat.
  38. That seat reclines further.
  39. We were seated in a circle.
  40. You must stay in your seat.
  41. Can you take your seat, sir?
  42. Father found me a good seat.
  43. Go to your respective seats.
  44. Please return to your seats.
  45. Would you like to be seated?
  46. Excuse me, is this seat free?
  47. He seated himself beside her.
  48. He seated himself next to me.
  49. I’d like to book three seats.
  50. Please go back to your seats.
  51. The seat of my pants is torn.
  52. Donald took a seat next to Mary.
  53. We booked seats for the play.
  54. Would you like a window seat?
  55. Are any seats still available?
  56. Can you save this seat for me?
  57. Excuse me, is this seat taken?
  58. Give your seat to the old man.
  59. Luckily, he found a good seat.
  60. Pardon me, is that seat taken?
  61. There were no more free seats.
  62. Donald exchanged seats with Mary.
  63. Donald hopped in the driver seat.
  64. Will you switch seats with me?
  65. You have to stay in your seat.
  66. You might want to stay seated.
  67. He seated himself on the bench.
  68. I’d like a window seat, please.
  69. I’d like an aisle seat, please.
  70. Let me exchange seats with you.
  71. The seat of his pants is shiny.
  72. Donald and Mary found their seats.
  73. Donald motioned them to be seated.
  74. Donald reluctantly took his seats.
  75. Donald took a seat at the counter.
  76. Will you hold this seat for me?
  77. Will you keep this seat for me?
  78. Would you like to switch seats?
  79. He gave his seat to the old man.
  80. She seated herself on the bench.
  81. Will you exchange seats with me?
  82. Are there still some empty seats?
  83. I gave up my seat to an old lady.
  84. I hope this seat is not occupied.
  85. Donald took a seat across from Mary.
  86. All the seats are sold in advance.
  87. I didn’t think this was your seat.
  88. I think you’re sitting in my seat.
  89. I want you to return to your seat.
  90. I’d like seats on the first floor.
  91. Please adjust the seat to fit you.
  92. Stick the bag down under the seat.
  93. She slid into the seat next to him.
  94. Donald gave his seat to the old woman.
  95. Can I book two seats on that flight?
  96. He offered his seat to an old woman.
  97. Let’s have a seat over there, Annie.
  98. Are there any seats left for tonight?
  99. Did you request a seat by the window?
  100. Excuse me. I believe that is my seat.
  101. Every seat in the theatre was taken.


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