Use Same in a Sentence & How to use “Same” in a sentence


Use Same in a sentence. How to use the word Same in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Same. Sentence for Same.

Classes in the program can be fun and challenging at the same time

Classes in the program can be fun and challenging at the same time

Examples of Same in a sentence

  1. At the same time, his specialization was usually practiced only part-time.
  2. The same applies to fertilizing; fertilize in the summer but not in the winter.
  3. In the same year (1827) Franz Schubert dedicated his Italian songs (Opus 83) to him.
  4. The Chelsea Girls uses a split-screen technique in which two or more scenes are shown at the same time on sections of the screen.
  5. The German musicologist Willi Apel has described the falsetto voice as standing “in the same relationship to the normal tenor voice as the recorder to the flute, the viol to the violin.”
  6. They all speak the same language and share patterns of culture, and they are, therefore, members of the same tribe.
  7. In some societies they may be the same person as the king or chief, in others they may be different persons whose ritual services are necessary to the proper performance of the task.
  8. At the same time his products were esteemed, for they reinforced the basic values of, or supplied essential needs for, his society.
  9. The best form of combination is to start the pulse injection and the sound wave at the same time.
  10. If you must do so, see that the pot is returned exactly to its original position so that the plant will have the same orientation.
  11. The same effect occurs in livestock, although livestock shed surplus methane.
  12. At the same time, outside influences are evident in some metalworking techniques.
  13. I think it’s unfair to treat Blu Aardvark and Selina in the same way.
  14. The chromosomal aberration test: the injection of the extracts and the controls was the same as the micronucleus test.
  15. In the infrared catadioptric optical system, both the aberration and the second spectrum are corrected using the same infrared optical material.
  16. At the same time, the Unwanted Gifts team was working in the Undercroft cabinet.
  17. Will they be two people with the same name or the same person with a double life?
  18. The basic eligibility requirement will remain same, so if you are presently eligible for migration, you would be eligible after the migration policy reform as well.


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