Use Regularities in a Sentence, How to use “Regularities” in a sentence


Use Regularities in a sentence. How to use the word Regularities in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Regularities.

Use Regularities in a Sentence


Examples of Regularities in a sentence

  1. *** Children look for regularities and rules to acquire language.
  2. *** They felt that all regularities in nature have a purpose.
  3. *** Faith in regularities applies only to general performance and long-term results in human collective life.
  4. *** The regularities in human social relations are defined by structures of rules of various types.
  5. *** In trying to determine such regularities, the speech analyst will generally adopt the traditional methodology of descriptive linguistics.
  6. *** This example reveals how the search for regularities and the methods used are structured.
  7. *** Regularities can be found in the way the behavior adjusts to the environment during development.
  8. *** The speech analyst tries to discover regularities in their data and describe them.
  9. *** We observe their regularities, their comings and goings and in ourselves, however, we can not remain separated.
  10. *** Objective: To explore and regularities of the diagnostic method for stria diseases of the oral mucosa.
  11. *** Based on wave theory, some regularities and influencing factors of the reflection wave in the foundation of piles are investigated.
  12. *** The main purpose is to correlate regularities: for a limited range of experimental dates.
  13. *** These curious regularities have more than a numerological appeal.
  14. *** The distribution regularities of large and medium-scale structures in Kongli, especially in the deepest part, are thoroughly analyzed.
  15. *** The regularities of the pressure on the surface are also given with the level and frequency of the sound pressure.
  16. *** The regularities of regional distribution of China’s uranium resources are set forth in this document.
  17. *** A new type of pyrotechnic agent above the manufactured regularities and compared to the pyrotechnic agent that comes out.
  18. *** The regularities that influence the number of analytical cycles, the thermal convection density and the modulation frequency in the detection results were analyzed by simulation.
  19. *** He also studied the regularities of general variation of the wave force, the added mass and the added damping, the TLP kinetic response based on engineering examples and obtained some valuable conclusions.

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