Use Praises in a Sentence – How to use “Praises” in a sentence


Use Praises in a sentence. How to use the word Praises in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Praises. Sentence for Praises.

Use Praises in a Sentence - How to use "Praises" in a sentence

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Examples of Praises in a sentence

  1. Protect, O wise god, him who praises thee.
  2. By the side of conceptions such as this, the invocation praises the lofty power, the sublime nature of the gods, in moving images, which attempt, to the utmost degree, to glorify the power of the god to whom they are addressed.
  3. The Avesta praises Auramazda as purity itself; and next to him Asha vahista, _i.e._ the best purity; the gods are chiefly extolled as “the pure,” and Zarathrustra as the master and teacher of purity.
  4. “Was it for an old sin, Varuna,” we read in a prayer, “that thou wishest to destroy thy friend, who praises thee?
  5. The song of victory of the Tritsus, which a minstrel of Sudas may have composed after their success, runs thus: “Two hundred cows, two chariots with women, allotted as booty to Sudas, I step round with praises, as the priests step round the place of sacrifice.
  6. In the songs of the conquests and struggles on the Yamuna and Ganges, sung by the minstrels to the princes and nobles of these new states, these elements became amalgamated with the praises of the deeds achieved by their ancestors at their first foundation.
  7. Then the consecrated water is poured over them, and after this the music begins to sound, and the minstrels sing the praises of Yudhishthira and his ancestors.
  8. Roger Ascham took great interest in advancing the princess in these studies, and in the course of these his instructions he became acquainted with Lady Jane, and he praises very highly, in his letters, the industry and assiduity of Lady Jane in similar pursuits.
  9. As the queen advanced across the park, men and women, in strange disguises, came out to meet her, and to offer her salutations and praises.


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