Use Photos in a Sentence, How to use “Photos” in a sentence


Use Photos in a sentence. How to use the word Photos in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Photos. Sentence for Photos.

Use Photos in a Sentence - How to use "Photos" in a sentence

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Examples of photos in a sentence

  1. Aerial photos can also be used to produce a map of known features within a region.
  2. I saved the photos for sentimental reasons.
  3. They took photos and videos, made calls and wondered what it was.
  4. His photos show places like the Red Square and the Kremlin, both covered in snow and bathed in colored lights, with people spinning around.
  5. Eritreans search for asylum 4 photos ‘The example of hell’ – An Eritrean man stares at a cell phone.
  6. Together, both photos raked in over 10 million likes with congratulatory messages pouring in from fans around the world.
  7. The website also allows for customization of your campaign page which makes your page more personal with your own photos and updates.
  8. While Panono, or, as we are going to call it soon “Professional360” does have the added “fun factor” of being throwable and incredibly durable, there are simply cheaper solutions for everyone who wants to make 360 photos.
  9. Take many of your own reference photos (even underwater) and title each mural with the name of the plant or animal.
  10. The officer was accused of texting explicit photos of a former police trainee.
  11. Get inspired with incredible photos from diverse styles and genres around the world.
  12. Our Pulse algorithm surfaces new photographs and photographers, ensuring your photos are seen by the community so you receive valuable feedback on day one.
  13. With Statistics and Pulse you get valuable insights into how your photos are performing and how you rank in comparison to other photographers in the community.
  14. Don’t let your photos sit there gathering dust, like on other platforms.
  15. Get the photos you need, when you need them, delivered directly via API or through our photography platform,


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