Use Phone in a Sentence, How to use “Phone” in a sentence


Use Phone in a sentence. How to use the word Phone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Phone. Sentence for Phone.

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Definition of Phone

  • 1. headphones or headphones.
  • 2. a phone.
  • 3. Call someone on the phone.

Examples of Phone in a sentence

  1. More surprised by such disenchantment, I snapped the phone shut.
  2. He spends most of his time talking on the phone.
  3. You can’t phone me. I don’t have a phone.
  4. Everyone with a cell phone thinks they’re a photographer.
  5. I phoned Emma and invited her to the party but she wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.
  6. While you were out, there was a phone call for you.
  7. Can you wait here while I make a quick phone call?
  8. The phone rang but I didn’t hear it.
  9. I tried to phone her two or three times, but each time there was no reply.
  10. I will phone you sometime during the afternoon.
  11. The phone rang three times during the night.
  12. You had better pay the phone bill as soon as possible.
  13. And, let’s get real if your phone can do it, why would you really want to buy a product like this one?
  14. Sending a message on a mobile phone is not the most natural of ways to communicate.
  15. My first phone was two tin cans tied together with string, and it worked pretty good.
  16. Today or any day that phone may ring and bring good news.
  17. In 1976, radio telephone providers in New York City could serve only 545 mobile phone customers at the same time, an absurdly small number by current standards.
  18. The market is saturated with tons of products that are cheaper than this camera and you can even buy a phone attachment that can create a high-quality panoramic photo for you.
  19. His cell phone is closed and you are dying to talk to him. Next thing he will say is his battery was dead.


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