Use Other in a Sentence, How to use “Other” in a sentence


Use Other in a sentence. How to use the word Other in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Other. Sentence for Other.

Use Other in a Sentence - How to use "Other" in a sentence

Examples of Other in a sentence

  1. The threshing machine was used in North America and other developed grain-growing areas of the world from 1840 to about 1940.
  2. It also has a prehensile tail, which it uses to attach itself to seaweed or other available supports.
  3. Therefore metals cannot combine with each other, and a compound between two metals cannot exist.
  4. Therefore in compounds of nonmetals, an exact electron transfer from a nonmetal to the other cannot take place.
  5. A very pure form of gelatine is made from the air bladder of sturgeon or other fish.
  6. He was mayor of Buffalo from 1862 to 1866 and was a director of several railroads and other corporations.
  7. McDowell wrote little and the few published notices of his work were ignored at first; but by 1829 he had performed 12 ovariotomies as well as numerous other abdominal operations.
  8. Remarkably fast on the wing, the skua obtains most of its food by chasing other seabirds and forcing them to drop or disgorge their prey, usually fish.
  9. The thing, which sets this venue apart from the others available in London, this Christmas, is that the atmosphere it possesses is unlike any other.
  10. But Ibsen’s thesis is that in a sound marriage, husband and wife must be true to themselves as well as to each other.
  11. The factors that cause these changes, or in other words, cause this pollution, are called pollutants.
  12. Other important pollutants include biomagnification, the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, haze and smog.
  13. For example, in a bubble diagram for a floor, the bubbles can represent the movement of a space and provide information about the sizes of the rooms and what their relation to each other is.

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