Use Named in a Sentence – How to use “Named” in a sentence


Use named in a sentence. How to use the word named in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word named. How to use “named” with example sentences

Use Named in a Sentence - How to use "Named" in a sentence


Examples of named in a sentence

  1. *** Hearne was named governor of Fort Prince of Wales in 1775.
  2. *** In 1896, a chemist named Felix Hoffmann of Friedrich Bayer and Company in Germany created acetylsalicylic acid.
  3. *** There is, venerable sir, a clan man of Avanti named Isidatta, an invisible friend who has left. Have you ever seen it?
  4. *** In 1812, during the invasion of Russia, he had been named a baron for preventing a fire from reaching a munitions depot.
  5. *** He died on Sept. 22, 1777, at Kingessing, Pa. A genus of mosses, Bartramia, is named for him.
  6. *** FALSE FLAX, any of a small group of plants named for their long, narrow, flaxlike seedpods.
  7. *** The Falls Church, for which the community is named, was built in 1734 and named for the Little Falls on the Potomac River, 5 miles (8 km) away.
  8. *** Named originally Hans Ulrich Megerle, he was born at Kreenheinstetten, Baden, Germany, on July 2, 1644.
  9. *** Dost Mohammed Khan, before his death in 1853, named his third son, Shir Ali, as his successor.
  10. *** Named bishop of Beauvais in 1420, Cauchon helped the Duke of Bedford extend English control over most of northern France.
  11. *** It was named in honor of Albert Einstein.
  12. *** Founded in 1887, the city was named for Benjamin F. Yoakum, one of the builders of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, which ran through the townsite.
  13. *** Ashamed of his defeat, Achelous threw himself into a river that was later named after him.
  14. *** He was born in Oppeln on March 28, 1840, and was named Eduard Schnitzer.
  15. *** A local gentleman named Walter had usurped lands belonging to the monastery dependent on Fleury in Sault.
  16. *** The hero, a knight named Peter Loschy, went to fight the dragon.

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