Use Inspired in a Sentence, How to use “Inspired” in a sentence


Use Inspired in a sentence. How to use the word Inspired in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Inspired. Sentence for Inspired.

Use Inspired in a Sentence - How to use "Inspired" in a sentence


Examples of inspired in a sentence

  1. The minister’s words inspired his congregation.
  2. Most of Seeger’s better-known poems were inspired by the war.
  3. But it was she that led, that inspired, that achieved, and he knew it.
  4. To find out more on how to get into swimming, visit the Get Inspired website.
  5. In fact, so much was Curius gratified and pleased with this success, and so great was the confidence with which it inspired him, that he determined to wait no longer for Lentulus, but to march out at once and give Pyrrhus battle.
  6. Inspired by Suze Orman’s frugal-living advice, she is targeted making $10 million every year.
  7. Silius was intoxicated with the emotions that the giddy elevation to which he had arrived so naturally inspired.
  8. Hopefully, you get inspired to support their projects or even start a project on your own.
  9. Zoo that was partially inspired by the stunning solar-powered bicycle route of Studio Roosegaarde in the Netherlands mentioned here in 2014.
  10. Design your vintage wedding dress inspired by vintage wedding photographs with elegant vintage wedding dresses.
  11. His work is inspired by paintings, films, illustrations, and collages, and he often mixes them up together to create an interesting and original combination between the two.
  12. Pyrrhus himself led his soldiers on; and he inspired them with so much strength and energy by his own reckless daring, that all those portions of the Roman army which were opposed to them were beaten and driven back into the camp.
  13. When, however, this group in bronze came out to view, it reminded him of the oracle, and the dreadful foreboding which its appearance awakened, connected with the anxiety and alarm naturally inspired by the situation in which he was placed, filled him with consternation.


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