Use Hope in a Sentence, How to use “Hope” in a sentence


How to use the word Hope in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hope.

Hope - Sentence for Hope - Use Hope in a Sentence Examples
Definition of Hope

  1. a sense of expectation and desire for something particular to happen.
  2. a feeling of confidence.
  3. I want something to happen or that is the case.

Examples of Hope in a sentence

  1. I hope you will come to London sometime.If you come you can stay with us.
  2. I hope you can benefit from our online prayer dictionary and make progress every day!
  3. He tried to make me accept a bribe. I hope I have not come down so much.
  4. I hope the rain falls soon.
  5. We hope the storm decreases.
  6. I hope they intervene again.
  7. His only hope now is for the outside world to intervene, but it is an increasingly sad hope.
  8. I hope you’re as sick and tired as I am … of the persistent French villains.
  9. I rubbed a light patch and looked with hope; he saw stone walls, the vague forms of silver birch and larch.
  10. We hope this is useful for you, although, inevitably, there are some events that challenge the simple classification.
  11. I hope you can benefit from our online prayer dictionary and make progress every day!
  12. I hope you can benefit from our online dictionary of prayers and progress every day!
  13. In a democratic system, political parties hope to alternate in office.
  14. in his epigram, Samuel Johnson described the new marriage as a triumph of hope over experience.
  15. We hope the storm decreases.
  16. They are the only thing he has, along with the hope of being able to have a second chance, to start from scratch.
  17. Officials hope to expand the effort to the San Antonio Zoo this year.
  18. Dreaming that you find silver is a sign of hope and satisfaction, but you must be careful and avoid financial problems.
  19. About 60 million years ago, an asteroid crashed on Earth, containing several members of this species, which was trapped in the crust of the planet without any hope of escape.


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