Use Highly in a Sentence, How to use “Highly” in a sentence


Use Highly in a sentence. How to use the word Highly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Highly.

Use Highly in a Sentence - How to use "Highly" in a sentence


Examples of Highly in a sentence

  1. They are highly efficient and especially skilled at eliminating excessive steps and cumbersome procedures.
  2. Abalone, a kind of edible sea snail, is a highly valued and expensive ingredient in Chinese cuisine.
  3. Current period, it is exquisite civilization, recursive nature, protect the zoological environment, the times that technical science develops highly.
  4. The metaphysical conceit was highly intellectualized, with analogies taken from science, religion, and scholarship as well as everyday life.
  5. The constant acceleration of globalization has led to a greater demand for highly qualified professional translators.
  6. Forged iron-work includes some figurative sculpture from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Western Sudan, and elaborate and often highly decorated weapons over most of the subcontinent.
  7. With a minimum of mathematics and a captivating and highly rewarding style, Bloomfield offers in-depth discussions on harmonic regression, harmonic analysis, complex demodulation and spectrum analysis.
  8. The highly publicized debate on abortion eclipsed the rest of the platform that requires a heterogeneous mix of constitutional amendments.
  9. Advocates of healthy eating have long tried to alienate Americans from highly processed foods that contain dozens of unnatural and unpronounceable ingredients.
  10. I clean the unwanted runs, bleed and block with the highly textured kitchen roll.
  11. But since neural computers can perform highly skilled tasks tirelessly, they will inevitably replace humans in some medical tasks.
  12. Quantification of Compensatory Compensation Unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, the calculation of compensatory compensation is highly speculative.
  13. First highly effective antiemetic drugs developed to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.
  14. Second, many of the symptoms produced are highly subjective: headache, confusion or nausea, for example.
  15. It is the highly developed sense of touch of the osteopathic doctor that allows the doctor to feel (feel) this movement and, through expert hands, administer osteopathic manipulative treatments.
  16. Nothing is known of the origin of the Irish setter, but by 1803 it was evidently well established in Ireland and was highly regarded as a gundog, or hunting dog.

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