Use Healthy in a Sentence, How to use “Healthy” in a sentence


Use Healthy in a sentence. How to use the word Healthy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Healthy.

Use Healthy in a Sentence - How to use "Healthy" in a sentence


Definition of Healthy

  1. Having or showing good health
  2. Promoting good health

Examples of Healthy in a sentence

  1. The red fruits are very healthy for human.
  2. They also consume plants because they need more vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.
  3. You should stop smoking to stay healthy.
  4. For an healthy living, I eat more fruit and vegetable, less fat and sugar.
  5. The healthy man can advise the sick.
  6. A healthy diet includes many green vegetables.
  7. make sure you are busy in healthy activities and do not spend a lot of time alone.
  8. The American breakfast is increasingly healthy, with whole grain breads and cereals with high fiber content.
  9. Healthy rivalry between the respective clubs within a congregation.
  10. final count: a tasty lunch, reasonably healthy, served quickly in an attractive environment.
  11. Mills is known for his healthy approach to cooking, and this dish exemplifies his style well.
  12. The constitution, the nutritional catabolism and the safety of healthy oil, whose main component is diacylglycerol, were explained in this document.
  13. tea is a kind of good medicine and healthy drink.
  14. Eating a diet based on plants is a healthy triple game with numerous benefits for the planet and its people, our water courses and wildlife.
  15. Does the university cafeteria provide a healthy diet?
  16. doctors believe that soy is a healthy food.
  17. the bean curd is now considered a healthy diet.
  18. Friendship is an essential ingredient in the realization of a healthy life, rewarding.
  19. eating for a good and healthy life Food keeps us alive.
  20. fire is as harmful as it is healthy.
  21. Section 101 of NEPA speaks of the need to guarantee all Americans “a safe, healthy, productive, ( and aesthetically and culturally pleasant environment.”
  22. Pasta often becomes a staple of a runner’s diet, but there are many other healthy and interesting carbohydrate options for runners, such as couscous, rice or quinoa.
  23. Its premise, that a robust global economy is a prerequisite for healthy local societies, should be reconsidered.

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