Use Goodness in a Sentence, How to use “Goodness” in a sentence


Use Goodness in a sentence. How to use the word Goodness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Goodness. Sentence for Goodness.

Use Goodness in a Sentence - How to use "Goodness" in a sentence

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Examples of Goodness in a sentence

  1. When you speak to him of God’s goodness, and of his past ingratitude, his bosom heaves with emotion, and the tear stands in his eye.
  2. Mr. Abbott, will you have the goodness to explain to us what is meant by the Veto Message?
  3. Would she have the wisdom and goodness to accept the situation cheerfully, or would its humiliation and hardships gnaw constantly at her strength and patience, and delay her recovery or precipitate her death?
  4. He tortures me with his goodness, his self-sacrifice to me, his making me feel that he lives only to make me comfortable and bring me back to health.
  5. The men blessed her for her goodness, and kneeled down and prayed that God would preserve her.
  6. Offer your soul and your life to him who has created you by his puissance, and redeemed you by his goodness and mercy.
  7. According to the other it is a remedy which goodness devises for the benefit of the future.
  8. The queen was much moved by this generosity, and she said that of all that she had lost there was nothing that she regretted so much as the power of rewarding such goodness.
  9. However, it was very kind in Rollo to speak soothingly and pleasantly to Nathan; though, if he had reflected how much goodness depends upon the state of the heart, he would not have supposed that Nathan was yet a good boy.
  10. By an instinct which very strongly evinces the wisdom and goodness which implanted it, a mother always bestows a double portion of her love upon the frail, the helpless, and the suffering.
  11. “Why no,” said Caleb, smiling; for he could not help smiling, while yet he was a little disappointed at finding all his fancied goodness melted away.


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