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Use food in a sentence. Sentence for food. How to use the word food in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word food. How to use “food” with example sentences.

Definition of food

Examples of food in a sentence

*** It was obscene to spend millions producing unwanted food.

*** A spider spins a net in which it catches insects and bugs for its food.

*** Using C-54’s, they transported food, coal and other supplies during the Berlin airlift, Operation Vittles.

*** Nausea, vomiting and hiccups with aversion to hot food and desire for cold food.

*** It is also a backstage tour satisfying for food lovers, full of convincing characters and anecdotes.

*** Animals in the zoo have lost the ability to trap / trap food on their own.

*** The venerable British confectioner rejected by hand the offer of the American food giant, saying that it “fundamentally undervalues” the company, which could continue to prosper on its own.

*** A good summer diet includes abundant fruits, juices, and vegetables, and only limited amounts of fat food and alcoholic and iced beverages.

*** The Anglo-Saxons called February “Kale Month” because kale was their chief food then.

*** Its usual food includes ibex, bharal, sheep, musk deer, rabbits, pikas, and game birds; it also attacks domestic livestock.

*** Their food consists of small plant or animal life, depending on the species of caddis.

*** Appointed minister of economics and food in the new Hitler government in January 1933, Hugenberg exercised control over economic affairs.

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