Use Extended in a Sentence – How to use “Extended” in a sentence


Use Extended in a sentence. How to use the word Extended in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Extended. Sentence for Extended.

Use Extended in a Sentence - How to use "Extended" in a sentence

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Examples of extended in a sentence

  1. I extended my right hand and we met for a firm handshake.
  2. My immediate family and extended family all share the same ignorance.
  3. Yahoo shares fell to $ .56 in extended trading after closing at $ .81 on the Nasdaq.
  4. Included in the second estate was the extended Royal family.
  5. Buttresses extended out vertically to support the massive buildings that held the most powerful occupants of the Spire.
  6. The system complies with ICAO and WMO standards and may at a later stage be extended with DataLink for D-ATIS.
  7. Today, after a large increase in his income, he has extended his consumption to include color television and eccentric loafers.
  8. Louis Victor de Broglie (1892 – 1987 ), French physicist, who extended the wave-particle duality of light waves to material particles, there-by founding wave mechanics.
  9. Since then, wave mechanics has been considerably extended both theoretically and experimentally.
  10. In a new game, Change, rows of clay pots, somewhat sad, face extended versions of coins from the Ottoman Empire.
  11. The virtue of celibacy has extended to the promised life of monasticism and the single priesthood.
  12. This agreement extended the Declaration of Reciprocal Assistance passed in July 1940, at the Inter-American meeting in Havana, in that the Act of Chapultepec provided for action against attack from within the hemisphere as well as from a non-American state.
  13. In 1906, I. Goldberg extended this reaction to synthesize an arylamine by reacting aryl halides with an amide in the presence of potassium carbonate and CuI.


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