Use Exhibited in a Sentence

Use Exhibited in a sentence. How to use the word Exhibited in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Exhibited.

Definition of Exhibited

Examples of Exhibited in a sentence

*** For me, some exhibited an aroma of gym socks.

*** She exhibited Pollock, Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still.

*** He also discovered the power of the rotary polarization exhibited by quartz.

*** Trump’s sea lions have exhibited multiple competitive strategies for reproductive success.

*** Paintings and sculptures are exhibited in the Art Museum of the city of London.

*** Later he exhibited in Paris with Van Gogh and Louis Anquetin.

*** Schmeichel also exhibited a pattern of overdramatization events, he said.

*** Jenifer changes and hard curves exhibited only slight touches of softness.

*** However, Rugu’s interpretation is the only one that is exhibited.

*** No recovery of the last half century has exhibited these weaknesses.

*** It was exhibited in the gallery for the first time on Sunday.

*** He has had his works exhibited in several galleries in Europe.

*** In more recent times, it has exhibited another redemptive quality.

*** They have exhibited great zeal, prudence and personal courage.

*** His works have been exhibited in USA, Russia and Jordan.

*** Much was achieved because the United Kingdom exhibited unusual depth.

*** But at this moment that business model has not been exhibited.

*** Both will be exhibited for the first time in 25 years.

*** The children exhibited photos of life in the red light districts.

*** His work was exhibited in several galleries and museums.

*** But he said that Africans exhibited some distrust of Americans.

*** Bird and Johnson exhibited remarkable work habits and a considerable flash.

*** He kept people with deformities and exhibited them in his court.

*** It exhibited an aura of freshness and hardness that attracted others.

*** And both also exhibited at the spring show in Washington DC.

*** To be exhibited as a curiosity is not what Heinmann always wanted.

*** They exhibited new art in universal exhibitions, along with new technology.

*** Contemporary art will be exhibited in the first two levels of the gallery.

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