Use Excitation in a Sentence, How to use “Excitation” in a sentence


Use Excitation in a sentence. How to use the word Excitation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Excitation. Sentence for Excitation.

Use Excitation in a Sentence - How to use "Excitation" in a sentence


Examples of Excitation in a sentence

  1. At room temperature, the thermal excitation can produce an undesired current.
  2. Photovoltage detection of spin excitation of ferromagnetic stripe and disk at low temperature.
  3. The epicardial excitation pattern reflected the movements of the intramural excitation wave.
  4. In this work, we explore the opposite anti-Stokes process, where excitation is performed with lower-energy photons.
  5. We offer innovative excitation and protection solutions for synchronous machines using the latest available technology.
  6. THE vibrational relaxation rate of certain diatomic molecules seems to be faster in expansion flows than in excitation conditions behind shock fronts.
  7. Excitation systems are fundamental to the operation of modern synchronous machines.
  8. The discussion includes the benefits and shortcomings of ac and dc excitation techniques using current and voltage.
  9. Therefore the fluorophore is permanently ionized, causing only a 489-nm excitation peak.
  10. The excitation spectrum will look similar if not identical to the absorption spectrum obtained in UV/VIS spectroscopy.
  11. Excitation is one means by which ionizing radiations dissipate their energy in matter.
  12. An excitation system uses the alternator output to build an excitation current that is then used to power the rotating magnetic field of the rotor.
  13. Time-domain plot of the same recorded guitar tone with harmonic peaks removed resulting in an excitation signal for physical model use.
  14. If every radiative excitation leads to a radiative deexcitation and emission of radiation which escapes the model volune then there is no net effect of this process.
  15. Parallel excitation using multiple RF transmit coils driven simultaneously is a new technology that has been proposed to reduce multidimensional pulse durations.
  16. These mathematical models are characterized by many modes excitation system.
  17. For this method usually two lasers are chosen with suitable wavelengths for sequential excitation of both fluorophores.
  18. The excitation of guided wave modes in generally anisotropic layers by finite sized strip sources placed on the surfaces of the layer is examined.

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