Use Enormously in a Sentence, How to use “Enormously” in a sentence


Use Enormously in a sentence. How to use the word Enormously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Enormously. Sentence for Enormously.

Use Enormously in a Sentence - How to use "Enormously" in a sentence

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Examples of Enormously in a sentence

  1. They also wear enormously long and stout boots.
  2. The sins of childhood are by nine tenths of mankind enormously overrated, and perhaps none overrate them more extravagantly than teachers.
  3. This is one reason, in fact, why the Catholic churches may very properly be enormously large.
  4. Without any church, even the value of real estate in this place would enormously depreciate.
  5. But Eli Whitney’s cotton gin was making the slave system for the time enormously profitable; and after the Missouri Compromise (1820), the South insisted that states should be admitted only in pairs, one slave and one free.
  6. It is true that the Church and the clergy do not fight themselves, and so do not add any thing to the physical strength of the party which they befriend, but they add enormously to its moral strength, that is, to its confidence and courage.
  7. The people flocked into the neighborhood and provisions and accommodations of every kind rose enormously in price.
  8. He soon, by these means, not only exhausted all his own pecuniary resources, but plunged himself enormously into debt.
  9. Think how enormously heavy such an immense stone must be.
  10. The city was enormously large, and required immense supplies of food, which were brought down in these boats from the agricultural country above.
  11. The sins of childhood are by nine tenths of mankind enormously overrated, and perhaps none overrate them, more extravagantly, than teachers.
  12. I say it is impossible that so sensible a people, under such circumstances, should have lived so long by the smoky, unwholesome, and enormously expensive light of candles, if they had really known that they might have had as much pure light of the sun for nothing.

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