Use Difficulties in a Sentence – How to use “Difficulties” in a sentence


Use Difficulties in a sentence. How to use the word Difficulties in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Difficulties. Sentence for Difficulties.

Use Difficulties in a Sentence - How to use "Difficulties" in a sentence

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Examples of Difficulties in a sentence

  • We need a spirit of enterprise if we are to overcome our difficulties.
  • It appears that Leibovitz’s financial difficulties were due to her poor economic choices and business mismanagement.
  • Symptoms include fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties, and it can be fatal.
  • 2. Its symptoms include, among others, fever, breathing difficulties and coughing, which have been described as “flu-like”.
  • 3. Medical staff faced difficulties in commuting to their hospitals, as they were now limited to walking and private cars.
  • Higher difficulties reward players with rarer resources and loot.
  • During the design phase of the project, the most important considerations are given to orthopaedic and ergonomic difficulties.
  • Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in the fall of 1843, in an attempt to relieve his increasing financial difficulties.
  • Probably there were, at first, difficulties in the operation of the plan, which he had to devise ways and means to surmount; but what I mean to present particularly to the reader is, that he was _interested in his experiments_.
  • When you assign a lesson, glance over it yourself, and consider what difficulties are likely to arise.
  • You know the progress which your pupils have made, and can easily anticipate their difficulties.
  • Tell them all together, in the class, what their difficulties will be, and how they may surmount them.
  • With regard to other difficulties, which can not be foreseen and guarded against, direct the pupils to bring them to the class at the next recitation.
  • If difficulties arise from the operation of such a measure, the plan can easily be modified to avoid or correct them.
  • I have not seen any of your work, but shall judge altogether from my general knowledge of school-boys, and the difficulties I know they meet with.


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