Use Convulsions in a Sentence, How to use “Convulsions” in a sentence


Use Convulsions in a sentence. How to use the word Convulsions in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Convulsions. Sentence for Convulsions.

Use Convulsions in a Sentence - How to use "Convulsions" in a sentence

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Examples of Convulsions in a sentence

  1. If sufficient fumes have been inhaled, shallow breathing, weak heart, convulsions, and death may ensue.
  2. Vomiting and diarrhea are present, followed by convulsions, unconsciousness, stoppage of breath.
  3. Ingestion of nicotine causes a hot burning sensation of the stomach; it is rapidly absorbed and may cause heart failure, convulsions, and respiratory failure.
  4. Symptoms of strychnine poisoning are nervousness and excitement, stiff neck, and twitching muscles and convulsions.
  5. The symptoms are nausea, pain in the stomach, diarrhea, delirium, and convulsions.
  6. Of all the terrible convulsions to which the human soul is subject, there is not one which agitates it more deeply than the tumult of feeling produced by the mingling of resentment and love.
  7. Queen Catharine was so shocked by the horrid spectacle that she sank down in a fit of fainting and convulsions, and was borne immediately away back to her own apartment.
  8. The variety in the forms and expressions which the agony of her poisoned victims assumed–their writhings, their cries, their convulsions, and the distortions of their features when struggling with death, furnished exactly the kind and degree of excitement which she needed to occupy and amuse her mind.
  9. And so a joke, which would produce only a quiet smile if we read it by ourselves at the fireside alone, will evoke convulsions of laughter when heard in a crowded theatre, where the hilarity is shared by thousands.
  10. The late convulsions in Greece and Turkey, and the consequent revival of all the mis-statements which, during the War, flowed from ignorance or malice, render the publication of this book particularly opportune.
  11. The awe and solemnity which would, of course, pervade the minds of men at midnight, while such momentous questions were pending, were changed to an appalling sense of terror, toward the dawn, by an earthquake which then took place, and which, as is usually the case with such convulsions, not only shook the land, but was felt by vessels on the sea.


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