Use Compiled in a Sentence – How to use “Compiled” in a sentence


Use Compiled in a sentence. How to use the word Compiled in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Compiled. Sentence for Compiled.

Use Compiled in a Sentence - How to use "Compiled" in a sentence


Examples of Compiled in a sentence

  1. Between 810 and 814, Theophanes compiled an important chronicle of the period from 284 to 813, basing it on earlier historians.
  2. The scholar compiled a bibliography of the unpublished writings of Emerson.
  3. For the Jewish communities that compiled these writings for the first time in the pre-Christian era, the Bible was perhaps, first of all, a record of the eternal covenant of God with the Jewish people.
  4. He compiled previous writings to prepare what is called the Five Classics.
  5. The book is compiled especially for beginners.
  6. We have compiled a collection of many photos of stars with their wax figures.
  7. This report compiled by lead authors Tushar Poddar and Eva Yi gives insight into “India’s Rising growth potential “.
  8. So to all our fellow anxious souls, we have prepared a real wholesome band-aid, a strictly uplifting and positive list compiled by Rugu Savay.
  9. Rugu Savay has compiled a collection full of precisely these photographic cases that show one thing: no matter the photographic ugliness, we still think of our pets as the most beautiful ones, and don’t anyone dare to say otherwise.
  10. However, if a product is manufactured by a machine or by a human, there is always enough space for an error (hilarious), and that is why I have compiled this list of 33 “you had a job”.
  11. The Secret Services had compiled a voluminous register of undesirable persons out of which they drew up a select list of candidates for expulsion and prosecution.
  12. Hans Thomisson, who compiled the most important of the early Danish hymnals, thus includes five “old hymns” in his collection with the explanation that he had done so to show “that even during the recent times of error there were pious Christians who, by the grace of God, preserved the true Gospel.


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