Use Commonly in a Sentence – How to use “Commonly” in a sentence


Use Commonly in a sentence. How to use the word Commonly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Commonly. Sentence for Commonly.

Use Commonly in a Sentence - How to use "Commonly" in a sentence


Examples of Commonly in a sentence

  1. Instead electrons are used commonly between nonmetal atoms.
  2. Commonly called flowering maple and Chinese bellflower, the genus is characterized by a distinctive column of stamens, lobed leaves, and single, bell-shaped flowers.
  3. These situations are commonly found in other taxonomic disciplines, such as zoology and botany.
  4. Pentatonic (five-tone) systems are quite commonly encountered—both anhemitonic and hemitonic varieties, though the former is more common.
  5. This behavior is commonly observed among several species of finches.
  6. These shoes were commonly made with birch bark, but could also be made with linden bark or linden bark.
  7. W.H.O. officials made the call after two studies discovered that the results of a commonly used test are unreliable and misleading.
  8. ACARINA, is a group of arachnids commonly known as ticks and mites.
  9. Commonly, one young is born after a gestation period of about 12 months, one month longer than the gestation period for horses.
  10. The perennials commonly known as autumn crocuses are members of the genus Colchicum of the lily family.
  11. Antenatal holiday must not be put commonly postpartum use.
  12. Continuous Passive Motion is commonly used postoperatively.
  13. Autotransfusion is commonly used intraoperatively and postoperatively.
  14. Here is a look at the most commonly used fuels among these:
  15. The commonly used or shared electrons are attracted simultaneously to two nuclei of the nonmetals.
  16. These peculiarities show themselves first, and, in fact, most commonly, in the school-room; and the opinions thus formed very often relate to the studies and management of the school.
  17. Such a dislike, too, is more commonly called an antipathy than a prejudice, though perhaps it comes under the general head of prejudices.
  18. In her answers to questions with which she should be familiar, she always manifests more or less of hesitation, and what she ventures to express is very commonly in the form of a question.


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