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Definition of Commonly

Examples of Commonly in a sentence

*** Commonly called flowering maple and Chinese bellflower, the genus is characterized by a distinctive column of stamens, lobed leaves, and single, bell-shaped flowers.

*** These situations are commonly found in other taxonomic disciplines, such as zoology and botany.

*** Pentatonic (five-tone) systems are quite commonly encountered—both anhemitonic and hemitonic varieties, though the former is more common.

*** This behavior is commonly observed among several species of finches.

*** These shoes were commonly made with birch bark, but could also be made with linden bark or linden bark.

*** W.H.O. officials made the call after two studies discovered that the results of a commonly used test are unreliable and misleading.

*** ACARINA, is a group of arachnids commonly known as ticks and mites.

*** Commonly, one young is born after a gestation period of about 12 months, one month longer than the gestation period for horses.

*** The perennials commonly known as autumn crocuses are members of the genus Colchicum of the lily family.

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