Use Circulating in a Sentence – How to use “Circulating” in a sentence


Use Circulating in a sentence. How to use the word Circulating in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Circulating. Sentence for Circulating.

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Examples of Circulating in a sentence

  1. “He’s gone to the circulating library,” said Rollo.
  2. “The circulating library?” repeated Mr. George.
  3. “Then you found a circulating library,” said Mr. George.
  4. “How does he know there is any circulating library?” asked Mr. George.
  5. They were covered with paper, in the manner usual with the books of circulating libraries.
  6. Spellfire has over 40,000,000 tokens circulating in its digital world, and with 90% of all NFT profits going directly to card owners.
  7. There was doubtless some vague intimation circulating among the crowd that the Emperor of Russia was somewhere in the procession, concealed in his disguise.
  8. The ballads and tales which had been then, for several centuries, circulating throughout England, narrating and praising King Arthur’s exploits, had given him so wide a fame, that great interest was felt in the recovery and the identification of his remains.
  9. Where there was a failure, it would not be direct and absolute, on account of the vagueness and indefiniteness of the response, and there would therefore be no interest felt in hearing or in circulating the story.
  10. The select-men, by the advice of the lawyer, spoke of prosecuting him for a misdemeanour in circulating unfounded reports, to the great disturbance of the peace of the commonwealth.


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