Use Chase in a Sentence, How to use “Chase” in a sentence


Use Chase in a sentence. How to use the word Chase in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Chase. Sentence for Chase.

Use Chase in a Sentence - How to use "Chase" in a sentence


Examples of Chase in a sentence

  1. This dog doesn’t chase mice.
  2. The dog loves to chase mice.
  3. Chase that goose out of the courtyard.
  4. Drake gave chase to the Cacofogo.
  5. He sees a butterfly and sets off in chase of it.
  6. Phonny next proposed to chase the squirrel round the shop until they caught him.
  7. There was a chase going on in this forest at the time when the king went by.
  8. The chase consisted of a living stag hunted by real dogs.
  9. These troops, after about a day’s chase, overtook the flying garrison near the river.
  10. No dinner!–I should think you would be too tired and hungry to chase butterflies, without any dinner.
  11. Then commenced the chase, the camels running at their full speed, and the swarms of ants following, and gradually drawing nearer and nearer.
  12. About this time, it happened that Darius was one day riding furiously in a chase, and coming upon some sudden danger, he attempted to leap from his horse.
  13. Cyrus listened very attentively to these instructions, with every disposition to give heed to them; but when he came to the trial, he found that the ardor and impetuosity of the chase drove all considerations of prudence wholly from his mind.
  14. His attendants were extremely terrified, though he himself seemed to experience no feeling but the pleasurable xcitement of the chase; for, as soon as the obstacle was cleared, he pressed on with new impetuosity after the stag, overtook him, and killed him with his javelin.
  15. One day when Ascanius, Æneas’s son, who had now grown to be a young man, and who seems to have been characterized by a full share of the ardent and impulsive energy belonging to his years, was returning from the chase, he happened to pass by the place where the herdsman lived.


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