Use Camera in a Sentence, How to use “Camera” in a sentence


Use Camera in a sentence. How to use the word Camera in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Camera. Sentence for Camera.

What is National Camera Day (June 29) and Activities

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Examples of Camera in a sentence

  1. He didn’t notice the small video camera above the traffic signal.They recharged the enemy at dawn.
  2. Hamburg, Germany: a leopard from northern China, Zhang Jie, slides the lens of a photographer’s camera during a public presentation at the zoo.
  3. Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898 – 1995), American photojournalist, who developed the technique of candid-camera news reporting and the picture story.
  4. That one look at the other through the camera has enriched them: “We’ve been many years apart, and we no longer lived together when we started working on the character.
  5. When you see the sheer fame of internet-famous stars like Doug the Pug, Jiff Pom, and Nala Cat, who have millions of followers under their belt, it’s easy to think our furballs are born for the camera, if not for Hollywood, too.
  6. But as soon as you scroll through the camera roll to see the results of a spontaneous shoot you just pulled off, you are left with a cold moment of expectation vs reality.
  7. Otherwise, they can just simply mount them on a house’s wall serving as a live recording security camera system.
  8. The panoramic ball camera was indeed an interesting idea, it looked like a toy, but it housed 36 cameras that, when used properly would snap a panoramic photo consisting of 108 megapixels, and was advertised as being quite durable.
  9. It all started with their first throwable camera project that was incredibly well received with online communities and brought them thousands of orders.
  10. In a press release, Bryanston proclaimed that the company will still try to honor their moral obligation and find a solution to get the camera out and to allow everyone who supported Panono get their hands on one after so many years of being patient.


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