Been in a sentence

Use been in a sentence. Sentence for been. How to use the word been in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word been. How to use “been” with example sentences.

Definition of been

Examples of been in a sentence

*** Hacienda has always been behind her.

*** They had been the great wall of the colony in the north.

*** Spoons and shrimp have been effective baits in the deepest canals of the river.

*** If I had not been surprised, I could have suggested a different place.

*** Life has not exactly been a barrel of laughter lately.

*** The crew had been assembled to secure the hatches.

*** Almost all the shows I’ve been connected with have been extremely good.

*** However, the actions have been hammered for little more than sentimental reasons.

*** My sense of honor and the enjoyment of participating in it has been enhanced by a sentimental memory.

*** A method has been developed for the determination of 2,4-dichlorobenzoxyacetyl chloride bypass before the column, with gas chromatography.

*** The system of reception and repatriation has been transformed into an unrestricted and punitive administrative measure that limits the personal freedom of citizens.

*** Although some may mock, it has been a remarkably convincing vision.

*** In the molding process, the maximum acceleration value of the molding table has been tested by means of a piezoelectric accelerometer, an electric charge amplifier and a peak voltmeter.

*** The impact has been praised by the road raters for their rapid acceleration and responsive handling despite their limited range.

*** However, the plastic cartridge case has been used in some large caliber guns in recent years.

*** The software has been applied in some mines of Huainan and Pingdingshan with a personal error and increased efficiency.

*** And we have always been making constructive efforts to denuclearise the Korean peninsula.

*** Naturally, when the seedlings have been planted, everyone will be attentive to see what the flowers will look like.

*** A new HTS planar microwave filter has been developed using dual-loop zigzag square loop resonators

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