Use Attention in a Sentence, How to use “Attention” in a sentence


Use Attention in a sentence. How to use the word Attention in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Attention.

Use Attention in a Sentence - How to use "Attention" in a sentence


Definition of Attention

  • notice taken from someone or something; the consideration of someone or something as interesting or important.
  • the action of treating or taking special care of someone or something.

Examples of Attention in a sentence

  1. Attention!” said Forester, when the boys were all seated.
  2. Gradually attracting wide attention, she made her first recording in 1934, and by the mid-1940’s she was a popular recording star.
  3. He tried to escape the unwanted attention of his ex-boyfriend.
  4. His blatant dismissal of an open teacher attracted unwanted national attention to the school in distress.
  5. We have had partners for sleep studies, with a partner complaining about unwanted sexual attention on his sleep partner’s night.
  6. Many of the newspapers focus their attention on the controversy surrounding the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
  7. You are sitting eating your victuals, and you do not pay attention to me.
  8. The media focuses on the private lives of politicians that inevitably diverts attention from real problems.
  9. In our country, the majority of car dealers pay great attention to the development of automotive technology, but they ignore the development of alternative fuel for automobiles.
  10. People see this as a day to return some of the attention mothers give to their families throughout the year.
  11. After the service, she is the center of attention in the small patio that adjoins the church.
  12. She questions together with the congregation and is all the attention when the vicar does his part.
  13. Under the impetus of the movement and the feminist critique, the image of the madwoman in Jane Eyre has aroused some interest and attention from people, but it does not seem enough.
  14. Though his main interest was always botany, he also gave some attention to zoology and geology.

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