Use Atmosphere in a Sentence, How to use “Atmosphere” in a sentence


Use Atmosphere in a sentence. How to use the word Atmosphere in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Atmosphere.

10 Characteristics Of Atmosphere - What is the atmosphere?


Examples of Atmosphere in a sentence

  1. This is the only known atmosphere of a satellite in the solar system.
  2. This plant needs a temperate atmosphere, around 70° to 75° F (21° to 24° C).
  3. The perfumed atmosphere of the candle shop made me feel warm and comfortable.
  4. All my colleagues loved that cafeteria because it had the perfect atmosphere to hold meetings and work on presentations.
  5. The atmosphere of the house became beautiful after the gazebo was lit, the garden was dented and the house was decorated.
  6. Keeping intact the original atmosphere of the place, she reorganized the furniture to give it a new appearance.
  7. The statue has a sweetness, an atmosphere, a nostalgic elegance.
  8. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere.
  9. The general atmosphere of the room is cozy.
  10. The new owners of the restaurant have created a welcoming atmosphere.
  11. An atmosphere of loneliness in conflict looms over most of them.
  12. Literature often reacts magnificently in an atmosphere of uneasiness or apparent collapse.
  13. Imagine the tranquility of a Tuscan valley, combined with the exotic atmosphere of Asia.
  14. A waitress flutters, the atmosphere bustles.
  15. Exoticism in music, painting and literature evokes the picturesque atmosphere and color of distant lands.
  16. The acceleration by the gravity of the Earth acts on the asteroids that fall through the atmosphere.
  17. Sala captures quite the atmosphere of his abandoned house today.
  18. These rays are filtered out of the atmosphere by smoke and smog, and most of them are blocked by ordinary window glass.
  19. The water of Rollo’s dam, for instance, had all the weight of the atmosphere resting upon it, but it did not compress it at all, and so it did not tend to expand.
  20. The atmosphere began by degrees to undermine the active and vigorous feeling of the Aryas, to lead them to a life of greater calm and rest, which inclined them to retain the conditions and circumstances once introduced.

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