Use Agony in a Sentence, How to use “Agony” in a sentence


Use Agony in a sentence. How to use the word Agony in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agony. Sentence for Agony.

Use Agony in a Sentence - How to use "Agony" in a sentence

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Examples of Agony in a sentence

  1. “Oh, Pell! Pell!” I cried out in agony.
  2. A supreme agony moved her in this appeal.
  3. He surrendered in an agony of terror and despair.
  4. For everyone, Rab thought, through all his agony, like an elephant in the zoo.
  5. After the agony of mind, the aching of body was strangely soothing.
  6. The horse plunged and reared in his agony and terror, and then fell, throwing Pyrrhus to the ground.
  7. So full of agony was the sound that it seemed to pass like a gust of wind over the broomsedge.
  8. The physician regarded her pityingly, as she stood trembling in an agony of impatience and apprehension.
  9. Speak honestly, and say that because of a little moral shrinking on your part, you prefer to leave a human being to a death of agony.
  10. The other boy, in an agony of terror, is struggling, hopelessly, to release his foot from the convolutions with which one of the serpents has encircled it.
  11. Why, then, should I contribute, by my refusal to comply with his request, an additional hour of agony to his existence?
  12. What agony of mind he must have endured in these past months, these months when they had worked so quietly side by side on his book!
  13. “The worst is over,” she answered quietly, with that tearless agony which is so much more terrible than any outburst of grief.
  14. The sound of its agony would have found the heart that was intended to do more than keep you alive with its beating.
  15. The letter fell from the young woman’s hand as she still gazed in mute agony down the canon.
  16. The knout was a large and strong whip, the lash of which consists of a tough, thick thong of leather, prepared in a particular way, so as greatly to increase the intensity of the agony caused by the blows inflicted with it.


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