Use Agility in a Sentence, How to use “Agility” in a sentence


Use Agility in a sentence. How to use the word Agility in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agility. Sentence for Agility.

Use Agility in a Sentence - How to use "Agility" in a sentence


Examples of Agility in a sentence

  1. This undoubtedly makes for agility.
  2. With unflagging agility Rollins started after her.
  3. Lightness, speed, agility, grace and rich garments, all belong to this little favorite.
  4. He slipped back over the ice toward the fort with an agility marvellous in an old and ill man.
  5. The agility which these animals display in these feats is truly astonishing.
  6. It is used for equestrian performances, and feats of strength and agility, and balloon ascension, and all similar entertainments.
  7. Lightness, speed, agility, grace and dress, everything for the emeraldthethe topaz shines on her dress.
  8. In honest if reluctant admiration for an instant, he sat appraising his companion’s extraordinary litheness and agility.
  9. With surprising agility for a man with a sprained back the Senior Surgeon wrenched himself around until he faced her quite squarely.
  10. With more agility than one might have dared to hope for from one who boasted so much winter in his blood, the Young Doctor snatched up his valise, jumped down into the wrangle boat and pushed off.
  11. To tell the truth, the crowd of fugitives was densest at the door of the dress circle, and it could be seen, from the agility and confusion of these high dignitaries, that they were the first to wish to leave the house.
  12. At last I stepped back to turn to new scenes, when the hump-backed minnow leaped from a pebble on the water’s edge, with about the agility of a frog!
  13. In this paper, We propose a kind of novel aggregate query algorithms based on hardware-software codesign, which incorporate hardware advantage in processing rate and software long suit in agility.


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