Use African in a Sentence, How to use “African” in a sentence


Use African in a sentence. How to use the word African in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word African.

Use African in a Sentence - How to use "African" in a sentence


Examples of African in a sentence

  1. The colonial administrations against which the African nationalist leaders struggled had three primary goals.
  2. Elephant Shrew, a small African mammal, feeds on insects, using its flexible snout to probe for them.
  3. Elephant’s Foot, a large South African vine with a large rootstock covered by deeply furrowed bark.
  4. It appeared that, for a period of years at least, the African states would suffer from continuing political instability as a concomitant to the profound changes being created by the modernizing revolution.
  5. Abila (also spelled Abyla) is identified with both modern Mount Acho and Jebel Musa near Ceuta, a Spanish possession on the North African coast.
  6. On their departure the European powers left to their African territories much of the framework of Western constitutional democracy.
  7. It was anticipated that on this foundation the new African states would begin to build their political future, with the prospect that, in time, they would become reasonable facsimiles of the European models.
  8. Taken as a whole, the African continent has immense untapped natural resources, particularly in potential electric-power supplies, However, the uneven distribution of these resources creates immense problems for development.
  9. For this aspect of development, too, the African states continue to depend on foreign teehnieal aid.
  10. African leaders acknowledge their need for help from all possible sources, yet always in the backgrşund lurks the possible threat of “neocolonialism”.
  11. By this term the African leaders mean the desire on the part of the donors, particularly if they are former colonial powers, to control the new African states by continued economic pressure when direct political control is no longer possible.
  12. Whatever its stage of economic progress, every African state has evinced a desire for a greater or lesser degree of economic planning.
  13. All parties are, in some measure, supporters of a form of socialist economic organization, which varies from country to country and which, under the name of African socialism, may depart widely from the doctrines of Marxian socialism.
  14. Ancestral voices, speaking from an earlier society, persist as a powerful influence on African literature today.

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