Use Acquainted in a Sentence – How to use “Acquainted” in a sentence


Use Acquainted in a sentence. How to use the word Acquainted in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Acquainted. Sentence for Acquainted.

Use Acquainted in a Sentence - How to use "Acquainted" in a sentence


Examples of Acquainted in a sentence

  1. The number one way you become better acquainted with God the Father is through His Word.
  2. To begin getting acquainted with the UAF Rasmuson Library, if you’re on campus, take a walk around the library in person.
  3. To be acquainted with the merit of ministry, we need only observe the condition of the people.
  4. Fifthly, there is likewise required to acquaintance, a loving compliance.
  5. I was only acquainted with half the people there.
  6. You are to make yourself acquainted, as soon as possible, with the classes of character and classes of faults which may prevail in your dominions, and to form deliberate and well-digested plans for improving the one and correcting the other.
  7. It is the little effort made by the scholars to become acquainted with the new ones who enter.
  8. Whether she has much taste or not, some one of us ought to go and get acquainted with her.
  9. I don’t want to get acquainted with her until I know whether I shall like her or not.
  10. Thus nothing is done to relieve her. When she does become acquainted, all her first strange appearance is forgotten; but this is sometimes not the case for several weeks.
  11. Are you acquainted with that new scholar?
  12. The knowledge which such an examination of character will give you, will not be confined to making you acquainted with the individual.
  13. A couple of years ago, an acquaintance of ours hosted a dinner party.
  14. Iran Defense Minister gets acquainted with Russian S-400 as arms embargo expires.
  15. The President will get himself acquainted with the reconstruction of infrastructure facilities included in the National Program.
  16. Tyler is the owner of the newest storefront, and he looks forward to getting acquainted with the St. John Parish community.

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