Abstemious in a Sentence

Use abstemious in a sentence. Sentence for abstemious. How to use the word abstemious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word abstemious. How to use “abstemious” with example sentences.

Abstemious in a Sentence

Examples of abstemious in a sentence

*** His diet was abstemious.

*** Donald is abstemious in life.

*** The professor was famous for his abstemious meals.

*** Would you say a vegan diet was abstemious Donald?

*** He was a hardworking man with abstemious habits.

*** To promote the abstemious usage of natural resource, the status of Marxist ground rent theory should be regained instead of axiology of natural resource.

*** For the more abstemious the ‘smoothie bike’ will be here to make your own smoothie.

*** There is something so painfully abstemious about having children and, for the most part, you just have to suck it up.

*** One man is abstemious and averse to the senses, another one is greedy and attached to them, but he who is free both from taking and rejecting is neither

*** He was a hard-working man with abstemious habits.

*** Is abstemious in eating and drinking.

Abstemious in a Sentence (Video)

*** I try to be a reasonably abstemious individual.

*** The T’ang was generally abstemious, but tonight his mood seemed different.

*** But India’s point of reference was unusually abstemious.

*** Michael, meanwhile, was living a more abstemious existence on stage.

*** They often do bad really, attention is abstemious.

*** Mr. Hall was naturally an abstemious man, indifferent to luxury.

*** To promote the abstemious use of natural resources, the state of Marx’s basic income theory should be recovered instead of the axiology of natural resources.

*** Therefore, sustainable development, circular economy and abstemious society are the important trend.

*** Thanks to the abstemious habits, he had not become fat and flabby.

*** Archibald is moved by the inappropriateness of the gift; He is known as the most abstemious man around.

*** But this man of the cloth would not abbreviate the sermons asking his abstemious parishioners to also abrogate human bondage.

*** The pleasures of the table, never of much importance for a naturally abstemious one.


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