Absolute in a Sentence

Use absolute in a sentence. Sentence for absolute. How to use the word absolute in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word absolute. How to use “absolute” with example sentences.

Absolute in a Sentence

Definition of Absolute

1. Having no restrictions; unlimited; unconditional.

2. Complete; perfect

3. Pure; unmixed.

4 Not relative to anything else.

5 Positive; sure.

Examples of absolute in a sentence

1 – an absolute monarch.

2 – In theory, absolute zero is the temperature at which the particles of matter are at their lowest energy points.

3 – Absolute temperature scales are Kelvin and Rankine.

4 – Absolute hot is the hottest temperature that matter can reach.

5 – In mathematics, the absolute value of a real number is the number without the sign.

6 – Absolute magnitude is the apparent magnitude, m, an object would have if it were at a standard distance from Earth

7 – Absolutism is a form of government where one person, usually called a monarch holds absolute power.

8 – Goods can be absolute or relative.

9 – Absolute truth is something that is true at all times and in all places.

10 – The answer to this question is an absolute truth.

11 – Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

12 – Absolute stability means whether system is stable or unstable.

13 – In astronomy, the brightness of an object is given in terms of its absolute magnitude.

14 – In physics, absolute zero (0°K) is one of the coldest temperatures.

15 – For the real numbers the only norm is the absolute value.

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16 – Scientific laws are not considered absolute truths.

17 – The misconception is that the speed of light isn’t absolute, it’s just constant.

18 – A civil war had been fought because Charles I tried to rule as an absolute monarch.

19 – Many people disliked absolute rule by the royalty and the nobility.

20 – Absolute need means you need it no matter what.

21 – It is an absolute that you must breathe and eat and drink fluids.

22 – Absolute error is an error which is written in terms of the units of the measurement.

23 – An absolute maximum/minimum is also considered a local maximum/minimum if it is continuous.

24 – I am finding absolute and relative differences in excel.

25 – Absolute humidity of a sample of air is the mass of water vapour contained in a given volume of moist air.

26 – absolute order.

27 – absolute certainty.

28 – The FBI requires its employees absolute loyalty to this office.

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