Use Abound in a Sentence, How to use “Abound” in a sentence


Use Abound in a sentence. How to use the word Abound in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abound. Sentence for Abound.

Use Abound in a Sentence - How to use "Abound" in a sentence

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Definition of Abound

  • 1. To be abundant or in plentiful supply
  • 2. To teem or be filled.
  • 3. To be rich.

Examples of Abound in a sentence

  1. Pigeons abound in some cities.
  2. Bouquet: dark spices and tobacco are intertwined with generous fruits of blackberries and blueberries. The complex notes of cedar, clove and charcuterie abound, creating an impressive aromatic offering of Shiraz.
  3. Although controversies still abound, there are some guiding principles for the conduct of daily education.
  4. Your work must inevitably reside in an area where anger, resentment and public guilt abound.
  5. The great plains which abound in the interior countries of Asia were very favorable for this species of warfare.
  6. Many of his hymns abound in striking similes.
  7. Grundtvig’s hymns abound in terms of adoration for the Savior of Man.
  8. How could such traditions, if set down exactly as they came from the old man’s lips, fail to abound in Jewish phrases and thoughts such as I had met with in the apocalyptic work?
  9. The diseases are mostly palsies (which abound here) and also fevers, and partial dumbness or lameness, and the more severe kind of ophthalmia; but the most common is that kind of insanity which by the common people is termed ‘possession.’
  10. Hence it has come to pass that all manner of poetic tales and legends having been embodied and as it were interlaced in their relations, it is impossible to tell where the poem ends and the history begins; and the constant reading of these ancient poems or histories, or history, poems (if you so please to call them) has made them careless of truth, and I might almost say contemptuous of it, unless it abound with marvel.
  11. Cat-birds, orioles, thrushes, wrens, vireos, robins, etc., abound and make our old hospital joyous with their sweet songs.”


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