Use Abortion in a Sentence, How to use “Abortion” in a sentence


Use Abortion in a sentence. How to use the word Abortion in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abortion.

use abortion in a sentence


Definition of Abortion

Abortion is the end of pregnancy due to the elimination of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. An abortion that occurs spontaneously is also known as spontaneous abortion.

Examples of Abortion in a sentence

  1. Is abortion legal in your country?
  2. Abortion remains one of the hot topics of life in the United States.
  3. The position of the doctor on the issue of abortion is well known.
  4. In these countries, abortion must first be approved by a public body.
  5. Opponents of legalized abortion argue that it may promote promiseuity.
  6. His strong Catholic beliefs made abortion unthinkable.
  7. The problem of abortion is political dynamite.
  8. Recent opinion polls show that 60 percent are in favor of abortion in certain circumstances.
  9. The King’s position will surely awaken the painful debate over abortion.
  10. Abortion is a highly politicized issue.
  11. Abortion is a very sensitive issue.
  12. When he got his girlfriend into trouble, they had to choose between marriage and an abortion.
  13. We are campaigning for the revocation of abortion laws.
  14. Donald is urging Christians to stand firm against abortion.
  15. Abortion is restricted in some American states.
  16. He refused on grounds of conscience to sign a new law that legalizes abortion.
  17. Abortion has become a hot topic.
  18. Abortion is a problem that produces few reasoned arguments.
  19. Many people have very strong opinions about the right or wrong of abortion.
  20. She had an abortion at the women’s health clinic.
  21. Because these acts are intrinsically unjust, laws that allow abortion or euthanasia can not be obeyed or endorsed or voted lawfully.
  22. He is stridently opposed to abortion.
  23. It would prohibit abortion and end arms control.
  24. Unable to raise the money for a safe and legal abortion, she turned to an illegal abortionist.
  25. Representatives of Congress and religious leaders released faxes condemning violence in abortion clinics.
  26. But the problem of abortion was not an important factor in Virginia or New Jersey.
  27. They have done so by interpreting state executive orders that suspend nonessential medical procedures to include suspending abortion.


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