Use Abasement in a Sentence, How to use “Abasement” in a sentence


Use Abasement in a sentence. How to use the word Abasement in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abasement.

Use Abasement in a Sentence - How to use "Abasement" in a sentence

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Definition of Abasement

  • To lower in rank or position; humble.

Examples of Abasement in a sentence

  • A myriad of “choices” in vapid world of abasement.
  • The action noun is abasement, the process of abasing others—putting their reputation in a basement, so to speak.
  • As they have since the day Trump took office, they chose the path of maximum moral abasement and political peril.
  • When she became a stay-at-home mother she experienced the elation, the abasement, and exhaustion of being “just a mom.”
  • The very fact that Marshall was accustomed to regularity of discipline, to invariableness in punishment, and even to ridicule of vanity or silliness, made it possible for his mother to do something that smacked of irregularity and of variableness, and to save him from unnecessary abasement.
  • A pied-piper’s trail of opportunity discarded, needless abasement endured, and a grievous ransom paid in blood and treasure.
  • But self-abasement is just inverted egoism.
  • Recent literature seems to indicate that abasement is found high in populations rated maladjusted and low in populations rated adjusted.
  • That includes even those whose self-abasement in his service has been positively heroic, such as Vice President Pence.
  • The Hebrew Bible, which Christianity attached to the New Testament, was a shield that—while it did not prevent the persecution and abasement of the Jews—did prevent their destruction for more than 1,000 years.
  • Now, those old Democratic pardons are just a flimsy little dish-towel Trump’s defenders are using to try to hide their indignity and abasement.
  • There’s no escaping this ritual of self-abasement.
  • There is Eliot Calvert, aspiring romantic playwright and accidental bookseller searching for meaning in a mundane life, the irresistibly named Norwegian orphan immigrant Oddmund Hus (whose past also involves an explosive accident) who is silently in love with the wife of the farmer he works for, and Caleb Dowdy, the strange, confused Episcopal minister who seeks salvation through self abasement.


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