Understanding the Meaning and Usage of “Forgotten” in English


In this article, learn about the definition of the word “forgotten” and how it is used in different contexts. Discover the rules of use and get inspired with 20 sample sentences that showcase the versatility of this word.

Forgotten in a sentence

Definition of Forgotten

The term “forgotten” refers to something or someone that has been neglected, overlooked, or ignored, and has faded from memory or attention. It can refer to an object, a place, an idea, a skill, a person, or a group of people that has been neglected, disregarded, or left behind in some way. Being forgotten can have different connotations, such as being unimportant, irrelevant, or no longer relevant, but it can also carry a sense of sadness or loss, especially when it comes to people or events that have been forgotten or overlooked.

How is “Forgotten” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Forgotten”?

The word “forgotten” is commonly used in English in different contexts and situations. Here are some of the ways “forgotten” is used:

  1. As a verb: “to forget” The verb “to forget” means to fail to remember something or someone. The past participle of this verb is “forgotten,” which is used in different tenses and moods, such as:
  • Present perfect: “I have forgotten my keys at home.”
  • Past perfect: “She had forgotten her promise to call me.”
  • Passive voice: “The book was forgotten on the shelf.”
  1. As an adjective The adjective “forgotten” describes something or someone that has been neglected, overlooked, or left behind. It can be used in different contexts, such as:
  • “The old building had been forgotten for years.”
  • “She felt forgotten and abandoned by her friends.”
  • “The forgotten history of women’s contributions to science.”
  1. As a noun The noun “forgotten” refers to the act of forgetting or the state of being forgotten. It can be used in expressions such as:
  • “The forgotten of society.”
  • “The forgotten memories of my childhood.”
  • “The town’s forgotten past.”

In terms of the rules of use, “forgotten” is a regular verb in English, and its past participle form is used in the perfect tenses, passive voice, and some other constructions. As an adjective or noun, “forgotten” is used to describe something or someone that has been neglected or overlooked in some way. It is important to note that the word “forgotten” implies a sense of loss or disregard, and it may carry emotional connotations in certain contexts.


How to use the word Forgotten in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences using the word “forgotten”:

  1. I have forgotten my phone charger at home.
  2. The old castle was a forgotten relic of the past.
  3. She felt forgotten and abandoned by her family.
  4. The forgotten memories of my childhood came flooding back.
  5. The town’s forgotten past was uncovered by the archeologists.
  6. The forgotten history of women’s contributions to science is being rediscovered.
  7. The book had been forgotten on the shelf for years.
  8. The forgotten heroes of the war were finally given recognition.
  9. The garden was a forgotten paradise hidden behind the walls.
  10. The forgotten art of letter writing is making a comeback.
  11. The forgotten music of the 1920s is being revived by a new generation.
  12. The forgotten promises of the politician were exposed by the media.
  13. The forgotten language of the indigenous tribe is at risk of disappearing.
  14. The forgotten city was rediscovered by a team of explorers.
  15. The forgotten corner of the park was a peaceful retreat.
  16. The forgotten files were found in the basement of the building.
  17. The forgotten village had no access to electricity or running water.
  18. The forgotten masterpiece of the painter was discovered in an attic.
  19. The forgotten poet was posthumously celebrated for her work.
  20. The forgotten recipe was handed down through generations of the family.

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