The Best Ideas to Enjoy a Different Christmas


Would you like this year celebrate a different Christmas? These holidays are full of traditions to share with family and friends.

But there are few who like to enjoy innovative and original. If you are not willing to spend Christmas as usual and want to take advantage of holidays, why not change the scenery. You can travel to cities where Christmas is intensely lived. You will have plenty of destinations to choose from, from European countries, New York or more exotic places or looking for the heat in Australia.


The Best Ideas to Enjoy a Different Christmas

Are you single and looking for company? An original idea is to embark on a cruise for “singles” where a variety of activities are carried out. Around December 30 and to celebrate the New Year’s Eve there are dozens of cruises to choose from. You can choose between traveling through the Mediterranean, the Arab Emirates, the Caribbean.

To enjoy a wonderful spectacle of nature: the Aurora Borealis, you will have to travel to Iceland. (usually seen between October and March).


Theme party

Organize a party with an original theme to enjoy a different Christmas. You do not have to stop tasting the typical dishes of these parties but you can choose a recipes characteristic of other countries. If you also go dressed in the typical costumes of the country it will be a guaranteed success. Any theme is perfect to enjoy an original party: favorite movies, famous series …

Costume parties proliferate at New Year’s Eve. You can propose a specific or free theme where each participant chooses his favorite costume and let the imagination and creativity of all the participants amaze you. You will have a great time and you will love a lot!

The Best Ideas to Enjoy a Different Christmas

Another idea is to celebrate the “Jumper Day” which is about wearing a Christmas sweater. You can reward the most original or the most striking with Christmas motifs.

Rural getaway

Maybe you have a group of friends that you want to see again and because of the different schedules you can not find. Deciding to spend the Christmas holidays in a house or rural hotel is one of the trends most demanded lately to celebrate a different Christmas.

Enjoy a few days in a rural environment where you can perform many outdoor activities. You will find accommodations that are perfectly equipped to achieve the greatest comfort. They have rooms where you can hold special meals and dinners with the typical dishes of the region enlivened with music and games.


You will enjoy unforgettable parties with a good fireplace and some wonderful landscapes, without a doubt you will want to repeat other years.

The Best Ideas to Enjoy a Different Christmas

Gift exchange

The abruptness of gifts at Christmas can be a difficult task. Because sometimes you do not know the tastes of the people you have to give away.

The “invisible friend” is an exchange of gifts that is already widespread in our country. Why not look for a more original gift to celebrate a different Christmas. One option is that you can put as a rule that the gifts are made manually by the participants of the party.

Another solution is for all participants or family members to buy a generic gift that they think most of them would like. You can choose from many options: gift card for a spa session, gift coupon for a clothing store, a special book … Each person takes their gift and they place their names in a two-by-two bag. The most original that after opening the gifts can be exchanged for others.

Organize contests

Another ideas to enjoy a different Christmas is to organize fun contests between family or friends. The first thing to do is to choose an impartial jury.

You can vote the best to the best Christmas recipe, the best starter, dessert, the best greeting, or the best sung carol … The prize can be from a special gift, a big piece of cake or dessert …

This holidays are a special time for children by Alo who do not forget to give them the right role. Make them participants in the organization or preparation. You can also create a specific contest for your age: Christmas greetings, cookie shop, gifts made manually ….

The Best Ideas to Enjoy a Different Christmas

A solidary Christmas

Christmas is an ideal time to give love and gifts to those most in need. What if this year to have a different Christmas you collaborate with some association? You will get people who have less resources can also celebrate these holidays. There are many options: donate clothes, toys, food, helping to prepare meals or dinners … Every contribution for small that counts


What do you think of these ideas to celebrate a different Christmas?

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