How to Use the Word “Meanwhile” in English, Definition, Rules, and Examples


Learn how to use the word “meanwhile” in English with our comprehensive guide. Find out its definition, rules of use, and 20 example sentences. Improve your English writing and communication skills today!

Use Meanwhile in a Sentence - How to use "Meanwhile" in a sentence

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Definition of Meanwhile

Meanwhile is an adverb that is used to indicate that something is happening concurrently or during the same time as another event. It is often used to introduce a contrasting or related idea that is occurring at the same time as something else that has already been mentioned. It can also be used to transition from one topic or event to another, highlighting that they are happening simultaneously. For example: “I’m going to the grocery store. Meanwhile, can you start preparing dinner?” or “She was working on her project. Meanwhile, her colleagues were preparing for the meeting.”

How is “Meanwhile” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Meanwhile”?

Meanwhile is used in English as an adverb to connect two related events that are happening at the same time. It is often used to introduce a contrasting or complementary idea or event that is occurring simultaneously with another event.

Here are some rules of use for meanwhile:

  1. Use meanwhile to introduce a contrasting or complementary event or idea that is happening at the same time as another event.

Example: John was studying for his final exams. Meanwhile, his friends were enjoying their summer break.

  1. Use meanwhile to transition from one topic or event to another that are happening concurrently.

Example: The company was experiencing financial troubles. Meanwhile, the employees were working hard to increase productivity.

  1. Use meanwhile to indicate a temporary suspension of a primary activity or event while another activity is taking place.

Example: The boss was in a meeting. Meanwhile, the employees were discussing their work schedule.

  1. Use meanwhile to indicate that something is happening at the same time as something else, but in a different location or context.

Example: The family was having dinner. Meanwhile, the neighbors were having a loud party next door.

Overall, meanwhile is a useful adverb for connecting related events and ideas that are happening at the same time, while also highlighting their differences or similarities.

How to use the word Meanwhile in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences using the word “meanwhile”:

  1. The children were playing in the park. Meanwhile, their parents were sitting on a nearby bench.
  2. Sarah was busy studying for her exams. Meanwhile, her friends were out partying.
  3. The train was delayed. Meanwhile, the passengers waited patiently on the platform.
  4. The storm was raging outside. Meanwhile, the family was safe and warm inside their house.
  5. The chef was preparing dinner. Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying drinks in the lounge.
  6. The workers were repairing the road. Meanwhile, the traffic was diverted onto a different route.
  7. The baby was sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile, the parents were watching a movie in the living room.
  8. The band was soundchecking. Meanwhile, the audience was getting excited for the concert to start.
  9. The athlete was training hard. Meanwhile, the coach was monitoring her progress.
  10. The students were writing their essays. Meanwhile, the teacher was grading their previous assignments.
  11. The museum was closed for renovations. Meanwhile, the staff was planning new exhibitions.
  12. The sun was setting. Meanwhile, the sky was painted in beautiful shades of orange and pink.
  13. The company was expanding its operations. Meanwhile, the employees were getting ready for the changes.
  14. The dog was chasing its tail. Meanwhile, the cat was watching from a safe distance.
  15. The book was being adapted into a movie. Meanwhile, the author was working on a new novel.
  16. The airplane was taking off. Meanwhile, the passengers were fastening their seatbelts.
  17. The chef was cooking a gourmet meal. Meanwhile, the kitchen was filled with delicious smells.
  18. The project was running behind schedule. Meanwhile, the team was working overtime to catch up.
  19. The flowers were blooming. Meanwhile, the bees were busy pollinating them.
  20. The politician was making a speech. Meanwhile, the audience was listening intently to every word.


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