National Donut Day falls on the first Friday of June each year and we are preparing to savor our most beloved fried dough candy.

Have you ever resisted eating one? It is certainly an uphill battle. Fortunately, National Donut Day falls this year on June 5. Be sure to visit your favorite donut shop, choose a variety of chewy fried products, and enjoy.



At one point or another in our lives, we find ourselves longing for a donut. When we think about it, it’s not really a surprise that this gift comes to the place like no other. They combine exceptionally well with tasty hot drinks, can be taken as a quick snack or to accompany a long conversation. Above all, there is a donut for all of us; From traditional frosting to daring recipes like bacon and maple donuts.

The origins of National Donut Day can be traced back to the Salvation Army’s involvement in World War I. During this time, a group of volunteers was sent to the front with the mission of providing comfort food for the troops. They soon discovered that donuts were an effective way to provide food while navigating the difficulties of cooking in very serious circumstances. These brave volunteers would later become known as “donut lassies”. They would even use war helmets as a utensil to fry seven donuts at once.

In 1938, “Donut Day” was established as a way to honor members of the Salvation Army who came to the aid of soldiers during World War I. Today, National Donut Day is widely celebrated on the first Friday in June. Many donut shops are known to offer them for free, giving you a good reason to take time out of the day to enjoy this precious gift.


History of National Donut Day & Activities


#1: Krispy Kreme (41%)
#2: Dunkin’ Donuts (40%)
#3: Shipley Donuts (4%)
#4: Tim Hortons (3%)
#5: Voodoo Donuts (3%)
#6: Daylight Donuts (3%)
#7: Entenmann’s Donuts in my own kitchen (3%)
#8: Winchell’s Donuts (2%)
#9: Lamar’s Donuts (1%)
#10: Honey Dew Donuts (1%)


Can donuts be healthy?
Today, many donut recipes are created with an awareness of their nutritional content. Check with your favorite store if they offer any of these varieties.

Do all stores give away free donuts on National Donut Day?
While this has become a tradition for some larger-scale chains, you should always check to see if these gifts are happening.

Can you bake donuts?
Although the donuts are technically fried, baking is also an alternative. Be sure to follow a recipe for baked donuts, as the amounts of ingredients may be different when using an oven.

History of National Donut Day & Activities



Go on a donut adventure
Visit a local donut shop, but don’t choose the usual, instead allow yourself to experiment with different flavors.

Share the love
Choose a variety of donuts to share with your teammates, neighbors, or customers visiting your business. A sweet cola can be very useful.

Fry them
Making your own donuts can be an exciting experience to share with friends and family. Take advantage of your creativity by choosing a variety of ingredients.

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