Bill Clinton Timeline (42nd American president)


Bill Clinton was the 42nd American president. His time in office was considered prosperous, with low inflation and high employment rates.

However, he was also one of the few presidents who faced the accusation.

Bill Clinton (42nd American president)

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1946 Bill Clinton is born

Bill was born in Arkansas, where he lived and served for many years before becoming president. He was born as William Blythe, but his father died before Bill was born, and took the surname of his stepfather, Clinton.

1963 Clinton meets President Kennedy

While traveling to the capitol to tour the White House, Clinton was able to meet with President Kennedy. It was at this moment that Clinton realized that he wanted a life in public service.

1968 Georgetown Graduation

Bill attended Georgetown University with a scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in the Foreign Service.


1973 Attend Yale University

Bill went on to attend University College in Oxford, but soon changed the program and transferred to Yale University. He graduated in 1973 with a law degree.

1975 Marriage and a family

While attending Yale University, Bill met Hillary Rodham. They married in 1975 and had their only son in 1980.

1976 Arkansas Attorney General

Clinton returned to her home in Arkansas after graduating from Yale. He ran for the House of Representatives and, while losing the election, was appointed to the Office of the Attorney General.

1978 Governor of Arkansas

Bill ran and won the election for the governor of Arkansas in 1978. He became the youngest governor of Arkansas in history, and his time in office was mostly positive.

1980 A successful governance

Mr. Clinton was governor for more than ten years. He directed his state in educational reform and tried a reform of medical care.

1992 Presidential Elections

Clinton joined the presidential race but had little hope of winning, since President Bush had an approval rating of 80%. However, when President Bush resumed his promise not to raise taxes, his approval rating dropped and Clinton was able to move.


1993 President!

The first term of President Clinton had a prosperous beginning when he immediately signed the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. The public gathered around him, and his popularity grew.

1997 Second election

President Clinton resumed in the 1996 presidential election. He won an easy victory as his popularity in office continued.

1998 Clinton faces impeachment

After allegations surfaced about the Lewinsky scandal, Clinton faced impeachment. However, the Senate held a trial and declared him innocent.

2000 Leaving the office

Although he had recently gone through the Lewinsky indictment and scandal, the country continued to love President Clinton. When he left office, his approval ratings were 68%.

2004 Life after the presidency

Clinton published an autobiography in 2004 entitled My Life. In the same year, the Presidential Center and William J. Clinton Park in Arkansas was inaugurated.

2014 Clinton today

Today, President Clinton continues his work for the nation. He was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

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