Use Leaves in a Sentence

Use Leaves in a sentence. How to use the word Leaves in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Leaves.

Definition of Leaves

Examples of Leaves in a sentence

*** After the flowers fade, cut the stems and let the leaves die normally.

*** It has large kidney-shaped or rounded leaves and small U-shaped flowers with purplish lips.

*** To obtain the juice, the leaves of the plant first are cut off close to the ground as the plant is growing.

*** The plant stump is then covered with leaves, and in five or six weeks a slice of the stump is cut off.

*** A counter is rooted in place when the glass leaves plummet towards it.

*** Use stems with two or three leaves and soak the base of the stems in a solution of rooting hormones before planting them in a moist, sandy mixture.

*** Love is like a prayer spell that always leaves people willingly addicted.

*** An unwanted group can be raised, and its roots and leaves are dried for later use.

*** The birch leaves were delicately pale, almost lemon-colored.

*** An imperceptible breeze forced the leaves of a regiment of birches to tremble eagerly.

*** Two of the Daurog were young females, one with skin made of holly leaves and the other with silver birch.

*** The photo above shows a picturesque mix of coral, chartreuse, peach, pale yellow and crimson leaves.

*** Mint: half a teaspoon of dried or fresh green mint leaves is useful for nausea, stomach upsets and appetite.

*** Apple: a deciduous tree of Eurasia (Malus pumila) that has simple alternate leaves and white or pink flowers.

*** Alternate leaves, petiolate, finely coriaceous or paper, serrated margin in the apical half, rarely entire, lateral veins of 2 or 3 pairs, the lowest triplinated.

*** Alternate, webbed or 3-foliolate, rarely pinnate leaves.

*** They have long, narrow, parallel, whorled or alternate leaves that arise at the base of the stem or along its length.

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