Every June 3, cider enthusiasts from around the world clink their glasses and toast to World Cider Day.

This apple-based drink is adored and considered one of Japan’s favorites in the United States. This June 3, get your friends together, pour a few pints and enjoy the familiar freshness of a delicious cider!



When the Romans invaded England around 55 a. C., they discovered that the cider was already enjoyed among the Celts. Apple trees had already been introduced to the landscape from the forests around Kazakhstan and were well established in Europe and Asia. It was in the south of England, France and Spain where the process of fermentation (and subsequent distillation) of the fruit was perfected.

World Cider Day (June 3) - History of World Cider Day

In the United States, John Chapman (who we all know better as Johnny Appleseed) established apple nurseries along the border in the early 1800s. Since he was very much against grafting apple trees, a popular process in Europe that involves stitching together plant tissues to reproduce genetically identical fruits, the cider made at the time was from apples specifically unique to America.


Although cider is automatically considered an alcoholic beverage made from apples in most countries, in the United States there is a distinction between cider and hard cider. This is because, in most cases, when Americans say “cider,” what they really mean is unfiltered apple juice, and “hard cider” refers to the drink that the rest of the world recognizes as the alcoholic concoction.

The cider is low in alcohol because apples are low in sugar. Even the sweetest apple contains much less sugar than grapes. In cider deposits, the yeast eats whatever sugar is available, converting it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Once all the sugar is gone, the yeast dies, leaving a fermented cider that only contains around 4% to 5% alcohol. Today, some cider manufacturers add another round of sugar and yeast to their mix, allowing carbon dioxide to build up and create bubbles inside the bottle.

World Cider Day (June 3) - History of World Cider Day


Have a date night at a cider brewery

Most local cider breweries are open to the public and a great date night! Bring your partner and try the different flavors of cider available, as well as some brewery exclusives!

Host a cider party

Invite your friends and ask them to bring their favorite cider pack. Share with the group what makes each of these ciders so delicious as you load up on the goodness of the fermented apple.

Do your thing!

If you have the apples, you can make the cider! Plus, there are so many recipes online to choose from! Use your favorite apples to create a sweet or dry homemade cider made for you.


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